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1)What is discrimination? What are the impacts of it? What are a couple of examples of discrimination? What is reverse discrimination?2) What are interpersonal skills? Why are these skills important? What can someone do to develop better interpersonal skills?3) What are the behavioral science areas that contributed to understanding organizational behavior? What are the contributions? Why are these important?4) What is diversity? Why is it important? How might diversity lead to better organizational performance?6) What impact might an individual’s attitude (positive and negative) have on a group? Do organizations have personalities; why or why not?7) What is emotional intelligence? Why is it important? How can it be used to establish and maintain relationships?8) What is employee engagement? Why is it important? How might a manager help a disengaged employee to become more engaged?9) What are some potential warning signs that an employee has or is starting to withdraw? What might you say to this type of employee to determine the source(s) of the issue(s)?10) What are some potential sources of things that might impact an individual’s emotions? What can organization’s do to help manage their employees’ mental health and to also reduce stress?

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