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PART AView the clip of the first episode of the Colbert Report (a cable TV show formerly on the Comedy Central Network) on the link listed below. In the link Stephen Colbert defines “Truthiness” – a word that he invented. Colbert’s definition of “Truthiness” is key to answering the discussion question.—truthiness (Links to an external site.)Write in your own words a concise definition of Critical Thinking. Your definition should be based on the assigned readings and the Lecture for this module. Then describe how your definition of Critical Thinking differs from Stephen Colbert’s definition of “truthiness.” PART B Watch the Carl Sagan video clip about Eratosthenes. (Links to an external site.)Discuss the reasoning used to arrive at the conclusions. In particular, describe briefly and concisely the following:The reasoning used by the ancient Greek philosopher/scientist Erastothenes to arrive at his conclusions about the curvature of the earth and the size of the earth.Which of the 7 Positive Critical Thinking Habits of Mind discussed in the lecture and reading material are most likely present in the reasoning used? For the Positive Habits you select, be sure that you provide specific reasons that support your choices.

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