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Part 1: this part of the assignment is a sequel from the last assignment. I am attaching the last week’s assignment here so you can use to do this week’s.This activity requires that you initiate steps to obtain project data that will allow you to validate a hypothesis of your choosing. Depending on your hypothesis, data may be publicly available. As your complete this activity, make sure that you check free online resources such as the census information or other free online sources of data. Once you identified the data that you will use to prove your hypothesis write an overview explaining the data that you will be using. Please include responses to the following questions in a 1-2 page paper:Where did you find the data to support your hypothesis? (Cite, at least, 5 sources)How many records were available to substantiate your hypothesis?Explain how found these records.Identify any concerns regarding the quality or reliability of the data.Part 2: In this exercise, use the Internet or other sources to research and find examples of how simple tools, such as PowerPoint or Excel, take data to tell a story. Using data to tell stories in Excel is an example of the type of resource that can be used. After locating and reviewing your resource, answer the following questions in a 1-2 page paper:What resources did you locate? What is your opinion regarding how storytelling could affect data perception?

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Crime in America is increasing
Crime in the Unites States is categorized as violent crime and property crime. Violent crime is a
criminal activity that threatens the life of a victim as force is inflicted on a victim by an offender.
Violent crimes are linked to sexual assault, rape, murder, assault and robbery. On the other hand,
property crime is the destruction or theft of someone else’s personal property. According to
Christie (2016), property crime is linked to shoplifting, theft, vandalism, larceny and burglary.
Crime rates were at the peak during the 1960s-1990s. Crime declined significantly in the next
twenty years. However, this is not the case. Violent crime is shooting every other year in the past
four years. More American citizens perceive crime as major problem affecting the country.
Despite the insignificant number of property crime, racial-based violence and gender-based
violence has increased in the past year. Most of the crimes reported tend to be deliberate which
means that specific groups of people are being targeted.
Annual reports by the FBI show that violent crime has sharply fallen over the past quarter
century. However, the data does not align with public perception because most crimes are not
reported to the police as the public is accustomed to crimes remaining pending or unsolved.
Violent crime can be reduced through behavioral intervention programs that educate the youth
on cognitive behavioral principles that enable them positive react to encounters that could result
in crime (Christie, 2016). Constant engagement with communities provides room for community
policing that encourages an environment that conveys extremely profound and clear standards
against violence. A community that is conscious of a lifestyle worth having provides a ground
for alternative violent lifestyles. Law enforcement can only be viable and relevant once
community groups signal the understanding of major community and legal consequences of
Christie, N. (2016). Crime control as industry: Towards gulags, western style. Routledge.

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