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Question 1: Do moderately affluent people have the two obligations that Mylan Engel argues they have? He is arguing for the two claims he labels: (01) and (02) . Find them. I want you to carefully consider his moral argument for these two claims. He says that the existence of global hunger and absolute poverty” implies that people who are “affluent and moderately affluenthave an obligation “to provide modest financial support to famine-relief organizations ” Please don’t say that no one can argue that anyone can have an obligation to give people money, or something like that, or that he is rude to suggest that. That misses the whole point of the moral argument. It is very common for people to have a moral obligation to give people money and even help people. The question is whether this particular argument is any good or not. You have to deal with his argument. Are his claims true or not? Why why not? they are true, do they even support the conclusions (01) and ( )? Why or why not?

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