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From Petersons text, pp 31-34 (please refer to the textbook for the full instructions), you are to write a letter of gratitude to a person of your choice and then use the reflection journal to describe the experience you had writing and sharing the letter. To earn maximum points, you need to:
1. Be specific in describing your personal experience with this exercise (in writing it, sharing it, and afterwards); refer to some areas to consider in your reflection below
2. Clearly identify/connect your experience with the principles of positive psychology so far throughout the semester.

You only have to submit your reflection to this experience to ICON. Do not submit the letter. The actual letter is only meant for the person to whom you send it.

Following your completion of writing & sharing the letter with the person you chose, your assignment is to write IN DEPTH about the event & experience:
– Did you consider your VIA strengths in deciding who to write your gratitude letter to and what you wrote about?
– What topics from positive psychology did this person instill or encourage in you?
– How did this experience cause you to think more about meaning in your life?
– What about the concept of broaden-and-build?
– What about your level of happiness?

This reflection should be between 600-800 words. Please refer to the grading rubric for the full description on how points are distributed.

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