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Course Project Overview

You are required you to write a paper on the topic Ethics in Investigations with a minimum of 10 pages.

The questions listed below are not all of the questions you may want to investigate and answer in the report. These questions should give you a starting point for your research as well as an overview on what you will want to write about.

Course Project Report Content

The majority of the report should focus on your personal introspections on your own ethical conduct, the ethical conduct of organizations, and the ethical responsibilities of Digital Forensics practitioners.

This report has 3 sections, based on the topic areas listed below. To successfully meet all requirements for this assignment, you will investigate and answer all of the following:

Explain your personal ethical code and what sources of information and guidance your code is based on.  This question is designed to make you think deeply about your own ethics in this portion of the paper and then communicate how it evolved as you had gotten to this point in your life.  We all operate under an ethical code, but this section of the report also require you both document and explain it.  Make sure you describe in depth how your understanding of ethics affects your life and your understanding of the ethical requirements of Digital Forensic practitioners.
Choose an organization that you belong to (such as fraternity, club, special interest group, team, etc.), a company you work for, or a corporation that you would like to be part of and examine their ethical code of conduct. This ethics code of conduct is typically available to the general public as organizations have begun being more transparent about their ethical responsibilities and describing it for their customer, constituents, and other stakeholders.  These ethical codes of conduct should be gotten from one of the companies or organizations whose ethical codes are close to your own. As part of this report section, you should research and document the following:
Are there areas where the organizations policy is in conflict with your own code of ethics?
If you want to work for or be a part of this organization, how do you resolve the differences between the organizations ethical code and your own?
Are you surprised by any of your findings about the organizations ethical code of conduct?
Are there areas where the organizations ethical code of conduct is lacking and, if so, what changes would you make to their ethical code of conduct if you were asked to update the organizations ethical statement?
How will your own ethical code of conduct help you to be a better Digital Forensics practitioner? You should answer the following:
If you become professionally certified in Digital Forensics and attain credentials such as the  Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE) or the Cyber Security Forensic Analyst (CSFA), these credentials ask you to comply with the certifying organizations codes of ethical behavior. How meaningful are those ethical codes of behavior?
You may be placed in positions where your professional ethical responsibilities as a certified Digital Forensics practitioner and those of the organization you are working with are in conflict. How would you make sure that your personal ethical code of conduct, professional ethical responsibilities, and duties within your organization are not compromised?
What would you do if your personal and professional ethics are questioned?
Course Project Report Format

The paper should be double-spaced. The 10-page requirement for the report does not include:

Cover Page
Research References
Abstract (optional)
This report should use the APA format for all in-text citations and research references.

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