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Write a descriptive essay discussing either a place that is important to you or an injustice you have witnessed or experienced.  Be specific about the subject of your essay. Your included examples may serve to explain and clarify your thoughts, add interest for your reader, and/or persuade your reader to take action.

The following are some suggestions to consider as you revise your introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. 


1. Provide a gradual narrowing of the paragraph content to get the reader to your thesis statement. Ways to begin your introduction:

o Narration: tell a brief anecdote that attracts the readers interest and leads into your thesis. (You can offer the end of the anecdote in the conclusion!)

o General to specific exposition: begin with the general argument posed and narrow the discussion by providing increasingly more specific details to reach your thesis.

2. Provide an effective thesis statement that identifies your response to the writing assignment.


1. Each paragraph may develop a separate example, present a point illustrated by several brief examples, or explore one part of a single extended example. (Kirszner, L. & Mandell, S.)

2. Determine whether you will structure your essay according to chronological order, increasing complexity, or order of importance.

3. Be sure to include transitions.

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