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Research and write a 3-5 pg paper on “Smoke Patterns.” Define the term smoke as it relates to relevant material. Explain in detail the purpose and importance of reading smoke patterns and how it relates to the terms backdraft and flashover. What color smoke indicates a backdraft? What color smoke indicates a flashover? What is the 5 second change? This does not need to be in any particular order in your paper. Also additional research is encouraged as it relates to this paper topic.

    3-5 page paper (Not counting Title page or reference page)
    Title page-APA Style
    Abstract page
    APA Format (in-text citations & works cited page).
    3-5 Additional references not including textbook (peer-review, scholarly journal articles, books, etc.).
    12 Point Font, Double spaced
    Times New Roman
    Turnitin Review of less than 15%

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