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Individual Assignment #1: Case Incident: Integration and Transfer of HR
Functions Using HRIS
Reading the case incident and answering the questions will help to
solidify the understanding of HRIS systems
The assignment supports the following learning outcome:
1. Assess whether human resources programs, policies and
procedures align with the organization?s strategy given socio
economic conditions and trends and how they foster
equitable, productive, and harmonious organizational
1. Read Case Incident: Integration and Transfer of HR Functions
Using HRIS, which can be found in chapter number three in
your textbook. Complete all five questions at the end of the
2. Ensure that there is a proper title page for the document with
your name, student number and section number. Find APA
report templates on
3. Submit your completed by the date and time indicated.
When completing the assignment use full sentences and proper
grammar. Find APA report templates on Conestoga?s online Library
Services. Ensure that you are aware of the policies of plagiarism and
cheating as outlined in the School of Business handbook for this
This assignment is worth 10% of your final grade and is an individual
Your response to each statement will be graded using following
rubric. The maximum number of marks for this assignment is 35.
Refer to the program handbook for the late policy.
1. How can the assignment of a champion facilitate the introduction of the new HRIS? Is Jack
Newman the best person to act as champion?
2. Why have the HR and training divisions built quite different database systems? What are the
difficulties involved in integrating the functions of these divisions?
3. What are the advantages of integrating the functions of the HR division, training division, and
those of the work group supervisors?
4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Boomerang Water Corporation buying an
off-the-shelf integrated HR database system?
5. In what ways may the transfer of some HR functions to work group supervisors improve the
efficiency of the HR division? In what ways may work group supervisors be advantaged or
disadvantaged by the transfer of HR functions?
Human Resources Management in Canada, 14th Canadian Edition [Texidium version]. (2018). Retrieved

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