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Students will be required to write a 4-5-page cultural self-awareness paper. This paper should be based on the text and class discussion The completion of this paper represents an important aspect of cultural competence, ?counselor know thyself?. The first part of the paper should present the student?s increasing cultural self-awareness by providing the following information; how the student self-identifies (gender, race, etc.), what are some of your cultural traditions, what do you value, how has your group level identity

factors impacted your life, have your experienced challenges related to your group level identity & any other pertinent cultural information that comes to mind. The second part of the paper should represent the student?s continued introspection leading to increased awareness of cultural differences. Do you think you hold any biases due to cultural conditioning? If you are unsure, think of your views on family, marriage, politics, etc. What comes to mind? Again, the goal is self-awareness of your own culture, values, beliefs & possible biases toward others. Students could also discuss changes they have made as they have matured due to cultural awareness, such as changes in the use of language. Please only share information that you feel comfortable discussing & sharing. Please see me if you need more information or have questions. Papers must be in APA style format. See rubric for further details on assignment. that?s the ppt

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