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Paper 1:

The first paper offers students a chance to reflect on three of their social identities and how these identities are sources of privilege or oppression. The paper should reference at least three readings from modules 1-5. The grade on the first paper will account for 15% of the final course grade. 

In this paper, students should identify three of their social identities and discuss how each identity has contributed to experiences of oppression and privilege. (Social identities are those that we discuss in this class. The topics in the course schedule will probably be helpful in selecting relevant identities for this analysis.) Paper 1 should include at least one identity that can be described as associated with experiences of oppression and at least one that has provided them privileges, according to our course readings.

After describing an identity, and the connections to privilege/oppression, please then share at least one recent, detailed personal example for each identity of how this identity has shaped their day-to-day experience. In other words, how do you notice this identity on a day-to-day basis? How do others make you aware of this identity? What is a recent, specific example of a time when you noticed this identity?

The paper should also provide a comprehensive definition of the term intersectionality, alongside a discussion about how this concept is useful for understanding social identities.

During this course students will work on an Identity Analysis Paper that will be revised at several points based on feedback from the instructor. The paper will give students a chance to reflect on how their own identities are situated vis–vis power, oppression and privilege, how they are culturally and structurally reinforced, and how they shape social work practice. In this paper, students will demonstrate their mastery of course content and their ability to produce scholarly writing, as they analyze their own experiences to issues of privilege, oppression and power. In total, the paper is worth 55% of the total grade in this course.

Clear and compelling writing is a critical skill for effective social work practice. Considering how important writing skills are to a professional career, the grade for this course is weighted heavily based on this assignment. The ongoing and iterative nature of this assignment encourages students to engage in the writing process as a skill that requires reflection and revision. Students are encouraged to meet with the instructor throughout the semester, as well as consult with the MSU Denver Writing Center, to learn more about how to improve ones writing.

Each paper (3 total) will be around 4 pages in length (no more than 5 pages each time, excluding references and title page)so the first paper should be around 4 pages, the second paper should be around 8 pages and the final paper should be around 12 pages. More important than length is adequate coverage of the main concepts discussed here. Please include a title page in APA format. You do NOT need to submit an abstract for this paper. It is to be written in APA formatting with a 12 point Times New Roman font. It must be double-spaced, with one-inch margins. Pages should be numbered on the top right and the reference and citation style should follow that of the American Psychological Association. Citations should include all materials referenced and all materials referenced must be cited! The use of direct quotes is not encouraged; in general, you should use indirect quotes (paraphrase). All written materials should be professional. In other words, written materials should be clear and easy to read with attention paid to grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary. Subheadings are encouraged as a way to organize your paper. You will lose points for failure to follow these instructions.

My 3 identities are being Mexican American and having a white brother and dad  second one is being middle class and third one is Not speaking Spanish and being judged because I am half Mexican and do not speak Spanish and nobody in my family speak Spanish but my mom and people assuming that because I am Mexican I should know Spanish and getting judged because I am mixed I have a white brother and a white dad and for my mom not being married to a Mexican man

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