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You can download AOL Desktop Gold software, an app developed by AOL that allows

access to email, web browsing, emailing as well as IM conversations, all within the same

application. You can download the AOL Desktop Gold software as well as its various

versions, both new as well as old ones such as AOL Gold AOL 7.0, AOL 9.7, AOL 9.8 and

other AOL browsers on our site at no cost.

AOL continues to make its services better with the course. It provides a superior user

experience through its top-quality services. It also serves as an opportunity to bring people

together. Through IM chat features users can connect with family and friends members. We

all recognize the importance of email in our professional and personal life. The AOL email

service is among the oldest email services that allow users to send messages securely by

using a secure email service.

Methods to get AOL Desktop Gold

If you're a member, you'll be able to use an account with a membership

If already a subscriber or you're using AOL Advantage Plan Membership If so, AOL

does not charge any additional fees. Follow these steps to install AOL Desktop Gold

installed: AOL Desktop Gold set up:

Log in to the AOL Account you have created. AOL Account on

There is "All Products" Scroll down until you find "AOL Computer Gold"

Click "Download"

For now, to install AOL Desktop gold follow the steps below to install it.

Log into your AOL Account

You'll find "All Products" Scroll down until you find "AOL Desktop Gold".

Click "Download"

For installing the AOL Gold Desktop, follow the steps below to install it.

If you're using AOL Subscription or an AOL Desktop Gold Trial.

If you are a subscriber or AOL Desktop Gold Trial you'll need to follow the following

procedure to download an AOL desktop gold download.

Sign in first to ""

Go to "Manage My AOL Subscriptions"

Then click on the "Premium Subscription" tab

Click "Get Started" under "AOL Desktop Gold"

Finally, to install then follow the steps below "installation steps"

If you've received the official AOL Confirmation Email for Sign-up

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