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Accounting Information Systems Essay Questions II
Answer ALL EIGHT of the following questions. Please type your name, the question, and your answer to the questions; save as one Word document; and, upload the document to the Connect dropbox.
1. What are “Big Data” and “data analytics?” Give at least three examples of why both are major topics of discussion in our business society today.
2. Discuss three impacts data analytics are making on the accounting/auditing profession in 2019.
3. Define/Describe the primary business activities that comprise the:
   a. Sales and collection process
   b. Purchases and payments process
   c. Conversion process
4. Define access and application controls. Describe an example of each as applied to the business rules over a:
   a. Sales and collection process.
   b. Purchases and payments process
   c. Conversion process
5. PowerPivot and Tableau are each software we’ve explored for use in data analytics and data presentation. Discuss two key advantages and two key disadvantages of each of these software.
6. Define and describe:
        a. Data Warehouse
        b. Data Mart
        c. Business Intelligence
        d. Data Mining
        e. Digital Dashboard
7. XBRL – What is it and how is it best utilized today?
8. Share two features you have learned/utilized in QuickBooks to date that you were unaware existed in the software and describe the “value” of these features to each the user and the accountant.

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