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Applications of Quadratics

Provide the reasoning about WHAT I did and WHY I did it. Use the second column to do this. Some questions that may help you get started are: what am I trying to find?; what method did I use?; why did I perform that mathematical step? Do not just recap that I multiplied or divided….I want rich descriptions. The letters do not need to line up with one another; type as much as you need to.


Dawson kicked a football from the ground and it followed the projectile  where t is the time in seconds, and h is the height of the ball in feet. Answer the following questions about the scenario:

a) How long was the ball in the air when it was at its maximum height? Round to two decimal

places if needed.

b) What is the maximum height the ball reached? Round to two decimal places ifneeded.

c) How long was the ball in the air? Round to two decimal places if needed.

What I Did Mathematically

WHAT I did & WHY I Did It –YOU Explain





375 feet

c) -15t(t-10)=0

· -15t=0


· t-10=0


Which answer makes sense and why?




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