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American Housing Issue
Complete a “mini-portfolio” that contains photographic illustrations of various housing forms and construction materials that have been discussed throughout the semester or which you have researched on your own. The purpose of the project is to depict architectural and resource materials from various cultures in the United States and abroad. As you go about your daily travel routines (work, home, school, restaurants, friend’s home) through different cities or neighborhoods, you should pay attention to the various housing forms and construction materials in the area. Then, think about how they compare to what you have learned 
in class. In your mini-portfolio, provide two examples of housing forms (for example, adobe, Victorian); two examples of roofing 
materials, (for example, thatched roof, Spanish roof tiles) and two examples of indoor decorations or symbols (for example, talavera tile
s, religious symbols). Each page in your portfolio should contain one photographic picture for each of the examples. The page should identify the picture taken and should contain the following information: house form, roofing material, or decoration; country of origin; identification process: what detail allowed you to identify the form; and location: the city or location of the picture. Include a brief summary of what you have put together and your reaction to the information, such as what you think about it. Write a minimum of 300 words.Your entire work should be placed in a single document. The following is an example of how each page might before matted in your portfolio: Decoration: Talavera Tile decorated bathroom Country of origin: Mexico Identification:Rustic, vibrant, hand-painted decorated tile oLocation:Picture taken in Long Beach,

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