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Option #2: Appraisal Forms 
Appraisal forms are the key instruments used to measure performance.  Care and attention are required to ensure that the forms include all the  necessary components.
Regardless of the specific components included in the appraisal form,  there are several characteristics that make appraisal forms  particularly effective. These are simplicity, relevancy,  descriptiveness, adaptability, comprehensiveness, definitional clarity,  communication, and time orientation. Before it is used, each form needs  to be evaluated based on the extent to which it complies with each of  these characteristics.
Discuss the following:

Identify, evaluate, and interpret a performance appraisal form. Justify your rationale with academic data.
Using the performance appraisal form, create two strategies that  will improve the appraisal and capture information about employees that  would focus on growth potential within the organization.
Determine and measure how your strategies will maximize  effectiveness and efficiencies of the performance appraisals while  impacting organizational development.

Your paper should be 3 pages in length and in APA FORMAT!

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