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expository essay about waste to energy
graphs, images, tables
Information sources for your research from e.g. scientific literature, books, interviews with stakeholders (e.g. DEWA, Nawah, RTA, etc), lectures and webpages (webpages not as highly ranked as the others)
Suggestions of what you could discuss in your Essay includes:
o How does renewable/sustainable technology work? Go into detail
of the latest advances of this technology, its typical efficiency, and
exemplify from UAE and/or other countries.
o What is the current status of the renewable/sustainable technology
in the UAE? Is there currently something like this used in UAE and approximately how much energy is it currently generating in that case?
o What are the future prospects of this technology in the UAE? How much energy is it/can it potentially generate? How much of the current fossil fuel-based energy could realistically be replaced with this technology?
What are the advantages and disadvantages and limitations with the technology? Describe the benefits and drawbacks of this renewable/sustainable technology and relate it to UAE conditions. Are there negative Environmental Impacts as well?
Conclude the feasibility of adapting this technology in the UAE and compare/benchmark against other countries.
How does the renewable/sustainable energy fit in with UAEs Energy Strategy 2050?
Be quantitative as well as qualitative in your paper. For example, if you research solar energy in UAE, try to estimate the number of solar panels needed to power the whole of UAE (based on their average power capacity).

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