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ART 100
Art Reflection Paper
Pablo Picasso once said, Every child is born an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist when the child grows up.
What previous experiences in art have you had, do you remember creating art in the past? In a one to two page, double-spaced typed paper, write your recollections of the art experiences that you have had in K-12 schools, scouts, church, trips, and/or with family.
Include some of the following questions in your reflection paper:
Who taught the art activities?
How often did you receive art instruction?
What types of art activities and projects did you complete?
How much art instruction were you given on techniques of art production?
What was the range of art activities/processes (drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery, printmaking, etc.) and media (charcoal, pencil, yarn, paint, etc.) were used?
What percentage of art activities were holiday centered?
Were your art activities ever graded and if so what was the grading criteria?
What was/is your favorite art project, activity, or issue? Why?
How would you rate your overall past art education?
Summarize your strengths and weaknesses in art knowledge.
How do you feel that art relates to society?
This paper should make you reflect on art and think about your past exposure/experiences in art.

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