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ASB 100 Spring 2019
Writing Assignment 3
In this assignment, you must select a topic, condition, or problem related to ‘water, sanitation, and hygiene’ or climate change that you consider to be a global health priority. This priority needs to be specific rather than a general concept such as ‘climate change.’
After describing the issue and justifying why it is a priority, design a health intervention to address the issue. The intervention must include at least two components: an educational component (e.g. dealing with beliefs and behavior); and an infrastructure or policy component (for example new construction, policy to limit emissions, etc.). For each component, state what you would do as well, why and how your intervention would have an effect, and how you would measure success (e.g. increasing handwashing rates).
You are encouraged to use visuals to help explain your intervention or to provide examples of your interventions. If you use images from the internet, please provide the website where you found the image.
Make sure that you address the ‘who, what, where, when, and why’ issues in both your justification as well as your proposed intervention. For example, do you focus on areas that lack access to adequate sanitation versus places where the quality of services may be an issue? Do you focus on areas that are at highest risk of climate change impacts, or areas that contribute the most to greenhouse gases? Do you focus on urban or rural areas? For the educational component, do you provide ads on tv, billboards, or in schools? Do you focus on adults, teenagers, or children? Do you propose policy at the global or national level?
You must include at least one unique source for each section of the proposal (justification, education/behavior, infrastructure/policy). You may use the same author or institution for each section (such as the World Health Organization), but the documents must be unique for each part. Please make sure that you identify the source of any information you use by using in-text citations (e.g. the WHO (2016) states…), and well as identifying any direct quotations with quotation marks (“”).
Justification: (approximately 200 words)
Educational / Behavioral Component: (approximately 300-400 words)
Infrastructure / Policy Component: (approximately 300-400 words)

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