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Assignment 3
Step 1 Consider a time when you wanted to buy a certain product but could not find it.
What was your reaction? Why? How did the lack of availability affect your perception of the company and of the product? Did it make you want it more or did it make you frustrated so that you lost interest. Speculate on the supply chain and distribution channel strategy that the company was trying to achieve.
Step 2 Now consider a product that is widely available.
What is your perception of the product and the company? How is your perception influenced by the ubiquity of the product? Speculate on the distribution strategy and goals for the company. 
Step 3 Compare and contrast your findings in the first two steps.
How did the availability of the products influence your thoughts and attitude toward the product and the company? Speculate as to whether the companies’ distribution strategies have proved effective and served them well.
Step 4 Write your paper.
In addition to discussing each of the questions in Steps 1 and 2, be sure to include the comparison between the two companies and products.

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