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Assignment: #7 Individual Assignment — Boe-Bot Basics
Over the weekend, please spend 1 hour to familiarize yourself with the Boe-Bot by reading the Parallax Getting Started Document (posted in Course Content).  For further reference you may review Chapter 1 through the first part of Chapter 2 (pages 11-34) of the Boe-Bot Manual (posted in Course Content).  
If possible, download and install the PBasic Stamp Editor to your personal computer to familiarize yourself with the menu and commands as you read the Getting Started Document.  ( –> download the first file “BASIC Stamp Editor Software for Windows” or “Mac BS2 Software”)
In class we will be doing some Activities noted in the manual but you should alsoprepare outside of class. 
The following questions from the reading are DUE on BLACKBOARD by next thursday (2/21).
1) What device will be the brain of your Boe-Bot? (1pt)
2) When the Basic Stamp sends a character to the computer, what type of numbers are used to send the message through the programming cable?   (1pt)
3) What is the name of the window that displays messages sent from the BASIC Stamp back to your computer?  (1pt)
4) What PBASIC commands did you learn in this reading assignment?   List AND define them.  (1pt)
5) What do each of the settings on the 3-position power switch mean?  When should you use each setting? (1pt)
When should you power-down your board?  List at least two examples and explain why. (1pt)
*Bonus:  Where can you look up more PBASIC commands?

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