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Segmentation, Targeting, & Positioning (Chapter 8)
1. Identify your brand. Shake Shack
2. Conduct market segmentation and targeting for your brand – Segment the brand’s market into at least 3 different categories (list actual segmentation examples and make sure you identify both the segmentation dimension and variable you are using! You must use 3 different segmentation dimensions.) and identify the target market from your market segmentation. 
While there are no restrictions, you are welcome to use the table below:
Dimension (variable)
Dimension (variable)
Dimension (variable)
3. Describe the brand’s target market’s characteristics you identified above. What are the most outstanding trends/characteristics of the brand’s target market? List at least 2 examples and include your explanation. 
4. As the Marketing director, which additional emerging market would you target to increase demand (refer to assignment #3)? Briefly explain why. 
5. Identify the most outstanding differentiation points of your brand for each product differentiation (physical attributes, service, personnel, location, image) (list at least 1 example for each and explain briefly).
6. Identify your brand’s competitors (list at least 2 competitors).
7. Identify your competitor brand’s most outstanding differentiation points (list at least 3 examples and explain briefly.).
8. Describe how your brand’s competitors position themselves. 
9. Describe how your brand positioned itself towards the competitors. Which attributes particularly stand out from your competitors?
10. Reference list

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