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Instructionsneed 8 power point slides
Assume the role of an environmental safety expert who is presenting to a     group of undergraduate college students about the application of toxicology in     the field of environmental health and safety. Your presentation should address     the following key points.
Explain how dose-response data are utilized for risk assessment.
Discuss the relationship between risk assessment and risk management.                
Identify and explain how at least three fields of toxicology contribute to  areas of environmental safety and health.
Research and discuss one current event (within the last six to eight months) that exemplified the relationship between toxicology and  environmental  safety and health.
The assignment should be completed as a PowerPoint presentation and should     meet the following requirements:
The length should be at least eight slides, not including your title and              reference slides.
Key points only should be entered on slides. Full paragraphs should not be              included on presentation slides.
Voiceover or speaker notes should be included for details of the              discussion. This should not be an exact replica of the slide information but              an expansion of information to fill in the blanks and provide    additional           details to the audience.
Include least three visual aids and/or graphics.
A minimum of three credible sources should be used for this assignment,              and the references should be properly cited in a reference list at the      end   of       the PowerPoint. The CSU Online Library is a great place to    find     credible       sources. If you need any assistance, we have a full    staff of     librarians       available to help you get started with research.    If you need     any assistance       creating your PowerPoint, click here for a Writing Center tutorial   that covers   best          practices for creating effective PowerPoint presentations.   All references            and citations used must be in APA style.

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