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Beach Vacation Worksheet
GLG/220 v5
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Beach Vacation Worksheet
Part 1
Imagine you are on a beach vacation. The first morning, you head down to the beach to watch the sunrise. You visit the same spot along the shoreline each of the five mornings of your vacation.
· Describe in no more than 350 words the coastal landforms you might see.
· Summarize in no more than 350 words the changes you may notice along the shoreline from one visit to the next.
Part 2
The diagram below shows the beach and shore environment that was present on your vacation. Place arrows on the diagram by using Shapes on the Insert tab, showing the direction of longshore current and sand transport. Be sure to label each of the sets of arrows.
Part 3
Geological evidence indicates that the atmosphere of early Earth was free of oxygen. Explain in 350 to 525 words what constraints an oxygen-free atmosphere might have had on early life, both along the beach and throughout the rest of the world.

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