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For your initial post, share with the class how technology affects your communication in four contexts. Use the following four categories as your four headings for this post:

  • Academic (school setting)
  • Professional (work setting)
  • Civic (community setting)
  • Personal (private setting)

Examine how your engagement with technology changes from context to context. Answer the following questions under each of the four above headings. Write your answers in paragraph format.

  1. How often do you use technology in this setting?
  2. What are the rules of practice for this setting?
  3. Is technology distracting in this setting?
  4. Do you prefer old media” like phone, written letter, or even face-to-face communication in this setting?

Finally, conclude your post by examining the readings this week. How has the lesson or reading this week challenged you to change your technology practices?

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