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Introduction To Business Essay
Recall your own personal working experiences and the managers with whom you have had worked. Discuss the skills that define the best manager with whom you have worked and the skills, or lack of skills, the works manager had with whom you have worked. Discuss how the results they attained differed.
Analyze your own ability to be a manager. Discuss what skills you now have that are already polished. Explain what skills you need to develop to improve. How would you go about acquiring or improving those skills you do not have?
Please use the Formatting of Writing Assignments found in Lesson 1.
Formatting of Writing Assignments
Cover Sheet: Required.
Margins: 1 inch all sides.
Font: Times New Roman; 10 or 12 font.
Spacing: Double-spaced; left-justified.
Indenting: First line of each paragraph 1 inch.
References: Minimum of two per assignment from academic sources. You may use the LIRN library for additional resources.
Size: Content pages may not exceed 3 double-spaced pages, excluding Reference page & Cover Sheet. Content pages > 3 will be disregarded.

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