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 Part 1: Connect Assignment: Bug-Off Exterminators ( I HAVE ALREADY DONE THIS PART AND ATTACHED THE SCREEN SHOTS)

Go to Connect, find the Module 7 Folder, and look for the Module 7 Major Assignment. You will find the Comprehensive Problem Named Bug-Off Exterminators.

First, complete ALL of the required calculations and each of the Requirements you see in Connect Assignment for Module 7. These Requirements include:

Question 1 (Parts a through g)

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4 (Parts a through c)

Then, take a screenshot of your answers to each of these completed requirements, including your answers in Connect, and use these answers to answer the requirements in Part 2, which has 4 questions for you to answer in a Word document. (How to take a screenshot?) You will then use the screenshots to answer the requirements in Part 2.

The instructor cannot grade your Assignment without seeing your answers from each Question in Connect.

Part 2: Decision-Making Perspectives      (THIS IS THE PART I NEED DONE)

Answer the following four questions. Please copy and paste, in bold type, the questions into your Word document. You should also include the screenshot for Requirement 2 in support of your answers.

You should go to your work on/in Requirement 2. Look at the balances in the Unadjusted Trial Balance column for each account compared to the corresponding balance in the Adjusted Trial Balance column for each account. 

As a result of the adjustments you made in the adjustments columns in Requirement 2, did those adjustments:

1.) increase total assets or decrease total assets, or there is no change in total assets? (So, for example, if the adjusted ending balance in the inventory account increased, that means that total assets also increased as a result of that adjustment).

2.) increase total liabilities or decrease total liabilities or there is no change to total liabilities?

3.) increase total expenses or decrease total expenses, or there is no change in total expenses? (So, for example, if the adjustment increased salary expenses, that means that total expenses increased as a result of that adjustment).

4.) increase net income or decrease net income, or there is no change in net income or net loss?

Your Word document response should be between 2-4 pages in length (1000-2000 words) double-spaced, font size 12, with one-inch margins on all sides, excluding the screenshots, cover page, and reference page. Your submission should include a separate cover page with your name, date, ACC211-Financial Accounting, and Module 7 Major Assignment on the cover page; and a separate reference page.

Please copy and paste, in bold type, those 4 Questions into your Word document, and you can include the screenshot(s) of your answers in Connect as an Exhibit to your Word document, too.

The screenshots should be properly labeled.

Submit when ready your Word document to Canvas for grading.

This assignment requires Turnitin. This assignment is due by Sunday at 11:59 PM ET.

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