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BZ42S : Human Resources Management
Question 1
Human resource management:
comprises the concepts and techniques used to control people at work.
is the process of organizing work activities.
is the process of identifying countries with cheaper labor costs and relocating jobs to those countries.
refers to the practices and policies you need to carry out the personnel aspects of your management job.
Question 2
_________ refers to the tendency of firms to extend their ownership to new markets abroad.
Strategic human resources
Trend analysis
Question 3
Traditional job analysis focuses on:
job duties and responsibilities.
how work is accomplished.
who accomplishes the work.
where the work is accomplished.
Question 4
Executive recruiters are also called:
alternative staffing companies.
All of the above
Question 5
James is currently identifying the specific job performance skills needed, analyzing the skills of prospective trainees, and developing knowledge and performance objectives based on the deficiencies he finds. James is working on the __________ step in the training and development process.
Question 6
Which of the following goals is the focus of diversity training?
To create cross-cultural sensitivity
To foster harmonious working relationships
To improve interpersonal skills
All of the above
Question 7
Which of the following is a way to increase 360-degree appraisals?
Anchor the 360-degree items with behavioral competencies
Assess the costs of the program and carefully train the people giving and receiving feedback
Make sure the feedback given is productive, unbiased, and development-oriented
All of the above
Question 8
Assessing interests, seeking out career information, and utilizing development opportunities are all part of the __________ role in career development.
Question 9
Jason is an information systems technician in a town in North Carolina with a population of 100,000. He earns $35,000 a year. He recently found out that a nearby town with a similar population pays people in the same position $40,000 a year. Jason is concerned with the __________ form of equity.
Question 10
Which health benefit listed below is offered by almost all employers?
Mental health insurance
Chiropractic insurance
Medical care insurance
Wellness program

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