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IT3355 Network Architecture
Unit 5 Assignment
Enterprise Network Optimization Project
For your final project, combine your previous four assignments for this course and create your network optimization strategy plan. For your network optimization strategy, showcase your performance mechanisms that apply for your network, discuss how each mechanism should apply, and describe the relationships within the performance architecture and other components architecture. Use the suggested resources, the Capella library, and the Internet to research project scope and requirements. Before you begin writing the assignment, be sure to complete the required hands-on virtual labs for this unit and apply the relevant concepts within the assignment.
In the beginning of this course, you were asked to identify global concerns that must be addressed while designing a network. Be sure to incorporate this into your final project.
To prepare for this assignment, do the following:
Complete the required hands-on virtual labs for this week.
Research the topic of availability and load balancing and include at least three references from articles, books, or Web sites to support your paper.
Review the feedback that you have received on all of your previous assignments and adjust your work accordingly.
Your completed assignment should include the following:
Update your network diagram so that it includes the following: Apply basic load-balancing techniques as an effort to ensure network availability.
Provide an analysis of the technology presented in your diagram (explain hardware placement, hardware device choices, topology choice, and overall infrastructure design decisions).
Explain techniques and strategies for maintaining high availability on a network.
Combine all assignment components completed thus far in the course and submit them as part of your final project submission in one document.
Include the load balancing strategy as a section of the final paper.
Include a section in your paper that identifies the steps that you took throughout the quarter to ensure that your network will succeed internationally. How do you address globalization in your network design?
Make sure that your paper is professionally written, free of errors, and that APA formatting is applied throughout. Once complete, submit your paper in the assignment area.

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