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ADCN 607

Case Management Plan Template

Follow the outline below as you write your case study assignment. You will have 5 major areas to your case study: (1) Strengths and Areas of Improvement, (2) Information Gathering, (3) Specific Case Management Needs, (4) Staff and Agencies, and (5) Evaluation

I. Strengths and Areas of Improvement

A. Discuss and describe the client’s strengths. What makes these strengths?

B. Discuss and describe the areas of improvement for this client. What makes these areas of improvement?

II. Information Gathering

A. What are the key issues that are presented in the Case Management Plan Client overview that are essential for developing the Case Management Plan?

B. How did you prioritize these (from most significant to least significant)? Include a rationale for why you prioritized these issues in this manner.

III. Specific Case Management Needs


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