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EM Cybersecurity Center


MemoTo: Moja Negash Project Manager

From: Endashaw Melaku

CC: Bemnet Negash

Dear Moja Negash. Thanks for the invitation to this team. Here is the information as I understand it:

CEO: Bita Endash

CIO: Hiwot Sahlu

Cybersecurity Specialist: Alex Nega

Networking Specialist: Babi Mela

IT Project Management Specialist: Bogea Shawle

Data Analytics Specialist: Mihret Negash

Software Development Lead: Meaza Mel

Our organization

Our organization is committed to providing world-class cybersecurity services to businesses, with an

emphasis on cybersecurity forensics. Our team consists of cybersecurity experts with years of

experience in the field. We are committed to ensuring that the data of our clients is protected against all

types of threats.

My Expertise I bring to the team

My role on the team as the Cybersecurity Forensics Specialist will be to manage and support daily

cybersecurity operations. This includes triaging and processing alerts, assisting with proactive threat

hunting, assisting with threat intelligence projects, and coordinating and escalating activities with the

1 N 1st AVE Philadelphia PA 19100T: 1(855)123-1234 W:

EM Cybersecurity Center


cybersecurity team. In addition, I will serve as a Cyber Security Operations Center (SOC) Manager,

assisting organizations in establishing modern Cyber Security Operations Centers with comprehensive

incident response and investigation strategies.

I have acquired extensive knowledge in cybersecurity and forensics, including incident response and

investigations, through my Strayer concentration. I have also obtained several pertinent certifications,

including (CISSP) and (CCSP), which have equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary to

manage security operations and handle complex security incidents effectively.

In addition, I have experience with cloud security and have worked on multiple cloud security-related

initiatives. I have created data loss prevention policies for a variety of cloud services, including Box,

OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Google Workspace, and Exchange Online, as well as defined cloud security

benchmarks that align with industry standards.

My interaction with the team will contribute to the success of the project by providing expert counsel

on cybersecurity operations, SOC management, and incident response. My experience with cloud

security will also allow me to provide valuable insights and cloud service security strategies. In addition,

my expertise in developing data loss prevention policies and training materials will aid in ensuring the

security of our client's data.

I am confident that my knowledge and experience make me an valuable asset for this project. I am

eager to collaborate with the team and utilize my knowledge and abilities to my full potiential to ensure

the project's success. I appreciate your consideration of my application and look forward to contributing

to the success of the endeavor.

Job Description

Cybersecurity Forensics Specialist SRCH_KO0,13.htm?


21 N 1st AVE Philadelphia PA 19100

T: 1(855)123-1234 W:

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