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Scribbles Early Learning Center

Program Description

Scribble’s Early Learning Center is an early childhood program serving young children, from 12 weeks birth through 5 years old and their families in Hansvale, Minnesota. Hansvale is a richly diverse community and the program staff is committed to ensuring that the diversity of the community's children and families is supported in their program.

Program staff believes that families in the program are essential partners and is committed to creating bridges between the early childhood program, the classrooms, and each child’s home. Families are encouraged to participate in volunteer activities within the program and daily conversations occur regarding children's development and learning. Families also have opportunities to participate in developing goals based on their children’s development and learning. As well, families are welcome to participate in program and classroom-level decision making. Conferences are held with families on a semiannual and “as needed” basis. Teachers use conference time to gather information from families about their hopes, dreams, and goals for their children. Feedback is regularly sought from families about how they feel the program and classroom are supporting them and their child’s development. Modifications to programming and classroom activities are made on an “as needed” basis.

At the beginning of the year, every classroom teacher conducts home visits to learn about each child and family. These home visits are seen as an essential strategy, key to understanding who families are and how they live their lives. Careful attention is taken to create environments that meaningfully reflect each family and their daily lives. These opportunities, as well as all of the efforts to engage families, draw on each family’s unique knowledge and are respectfully designed around each family’s strengths.

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