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Wk 6 Individual Assignment CMGT 556
Assignment Content

Review the “5. LifeLock: Keeping Your Identify Safe” scenario in the “Making Business Decisions” section of “Business Plug-Ins B6 Information Security” in Business Drive Technology.

Based on the scenario, do additional research to identify ways to limit security threats. Then write a 2- to 3-page analysis of  the identity scenario by answering the following questions:

From a security perspective, would you use your social security number in advertising?
What was the security breach in the scenario?
How is this security threat harmful to SCM, CRM,ERP systems?
What type of measures would you use to avoid such a breach?
What type of marketing campaign would you use to avoid this type of exposure?
What influence does the internet have on enterprise data?
Format any references according to APA guidelines.

Chpt 5

LifeLock: Keeping Your Identity Safe
Have you ever seen a LifeLock advertisement? If so, you know the Social Security number of LifeLock CEO Todd Davis because he posts it in all ads daring hackers to try to steal his identity. Davis has been a victim of identity theft at least 13 times. The first theft occurred when someone used his identity to secure a $500 loan from a check-cashing company. Davis discovered the crime only after the company called his wife’s cell phone to recover the unpaid debt.
If you were starting an identity theft prevention company, do you think it would be a good idea to post your Social Security number in advertisements? Why or why not? What do you think happened that caused Davis’s identity to be stolen? What types of information security measures should LifeLock implement to ensure that Davis’s Social Security number is not stolen again? If you were LifeLock’s CEO, what type of marketing campaign would you launch next?

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