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Comparative Gov’t & Politics

Students must submit a term paper on the political system of a specific country. The purpose of the paper is to evaluate the performance of the political system of the country selected. The paper will analyze the process through which decisions are made in the country and determine the extent to which the system responds to the needs of the people. After analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the system, the paper will make some recommendations as to how the system can be reformed to be more effective. This paper will have to be presented orally by using the power point presentation.

Instructions for the Term Paper
Your paper should have a clear introduction that contains a clearly stated thesis statement  or main argument you will address. 
The Body of your paper should consist of several paragraphs and should be a logical argument of the main point made in the introduction. Each paragraph focuses and expands on one idea. 
The Body is supported by a logical use of facts, data, statistics and credible evidence drawn from credible and authoritative sources properly cited in the APA style.
The Body should also reflect other opinions about the subject and clearly indicate why the author’s argument or position is valid. 
Conclusion:  This final statement restates and summarizes the main argument of the paper.
Be sure to write your essay using Times New Roman font 12, one (1) inch margins and double-spaced. Cite appropriately your sources throughout the paper. Any quotation must include the author’s last name, the year (if any) the book or article was published, and the page number. Students will lose 5 points if they fail to follow all the instructions.
Students are required to use the MS WORD DOCUMENT (from 2003 to the latest) and save all essays on aflash drive in order to avoid disappointments due to computer issues.
Grading rubric
For this assignment, the content will be graded over 60, grammar and structure over 20, and proper citation over 20. To avoid losing points, students are encouraged to go to their Writing Center and have their papers proofread before submitting them.
Length of the paper:  Seven to ten (7-10) pages (not including the cover page and the references)
Due date: March 25th, 2019 at 5:00 pm
Important note: Students should do additional research besides their textbook. Only academic or scholarly sources and books will be accepted. DO NOT use any non reliable internet sources. Go the SSU library for help.
Again, submit a 7 to 10-page paper (excluding table of contents and bibliography) on the political system of a specific country. The country selected must be approved by the Instructor. Your paper should include the following information:

Historical background of the country from the colonial period to the present.
Description of the political system that exists in the country and the role that the various institutions and actors are supposed to play in the country according to the constitution. The actors include politicians, the media, the people, the NGOs etc.
The actual political role of the various institutions and actors. Examine whether the exercise of power is consistent or inconsistent with the constitution.
Examine how decisions are made and how the system responds to the needs of the people.
Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the system and make some recommendations as to how the system can be reformed.
Your conclusion

Please make sure that your sources are cited correctly by using the APA style. Use parenthetical references whenever you paraphrase an author, make a citation, or take somebody’s opinion. A bibliography of at least 5 sources should be added at the end of the paper. Do not rely on just one or a couple of sources. Doing this is a sign of laziness. The paper should not be descriptive. It must be analytical. Note that a paper without references, including bibliography, amounts to plagiarism and an “F” grade will be given to such a paper. Please see the SSU web page for instructions regarding the APA style. See also the attached handout.
My Country: Somalia

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