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Week 5 DBs
Must include intext citations, references and be written at master’s Level
DB 5.1
What are the strengths and weaknesses of the three approaches to combating poverty – curative, alleviative, and preventative? Your discussion should go beyond the textbook to discuss policy ideas that might really be curative, alleviative, and preventative. Please be sure to use examples and discuss at least one policy in the field of counseling and human services to demonstrate your points.
DB 5.2
Based on your reading, do the “Culture of Poverty” elements discriminate against certain races and ethnicities or are there legitimate elements of poverty? Please elaborate on your thoughts and share at least 2 examples. Please be respectful at all times in your contributions.
DB 5.3
Why are wages lower than a living wage permitted by law in the U. S? In your answer please focus on discussing the beneficiaries of a low minimum wage, employment at will, and the existence of dual labor markets. Please use at least 3 examples to support your ideas

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