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Deliverable 7 – Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

Outline the relationship between marketing communication and brand development.
Explain the components of communicating a brand strategy.
Develop a brand messaging architecture using strategic questioning.
Analyze customer-focused copy that resonates with the brand messaging architecture.
Map a network of internal and external influencers who can advocate for the brand messaging strategy.
Recommend an integrated marketing communication plan to decision makers.

You are a marketing coordinator for a clothing company with a reputation for being innovative. The brand marketing manager has approached you for some outside-the-box thinking and enlists your help in developing an integrated marketing communications campaign for a new hat product to compete with the big-brand hats in fashion today.
You are asked to contribute to the group’s efforts to achieve organization-wide buy-in for the new product as well. You can best do this not only by highlighting your product’s advantages, but also by utilizing integrated marketing communications in writing a series of marcom messages, reports and presentations to decision makers.
For this project, the type of hat you use can be any style –Ball-cap, Western, Fedora, Beret, Deerstalker, Flapper, Trapper, etc.—but it should be described in detail. Describe a new brand of hat to compete with the big brands and use it to complete an integrated marketing communications to highlight your product’s advantages.

Write a memo to the brand manager differentiating marcom from branding.
Compose a short internal newsletter article explaining and championing the six elements of branding.
Write an email to leadership explaining and championing the components of the brand messaging architecture for your new product.
Compose customer-focused copy for an integrated communication campaign about your new product in the form of an “About Us” webpage, radio spot, print ad copy, and press release. Include a complete brand architecture in the copy.
Create a report to the brand manager that maps a network of internal and external influencers who can advocate for the brand messaging strategy. This is needed to schedule for a pre-meeting before providing recommendations about your new product to the marketing team.
Develop a PowerPoint presentation recommending the new product and an integrated marketing communications plan to decision makers. (Should include speaker notes on each slide).

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