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Deliverable 7 – Strategic Management PowerPoint

Examine the nature and functions of strategic management.
Apply strategic management processes to analyze and improve organizational performance.
Formulate strategies based on an external and environmental analysis.
Apply the principles of strategic planning to construct strategic management plans for organizations.
Evaluate the integration of strategic management functions used to achieve competitive advantage.
Examine internal effectiveness and resources, and how they impact organizational strategies.

As the Director of Operations, the CEO of your company has tasked you with developing an onboarding toolkit about strategic management that new leaders can use as a playbook. The expectation is that you create a PowerPoint that contains six specific strategic management slides, each containing notes and discussion points, which answer the following:

What is strategic management?
How is strategic management developed to improve organizational performance?
How is strategic management executed?
How is strategic management measured?
How is strategic management integrated to achieve a competitive advantage?
How is strategic management controlled?

The following link is a great resource for creating PowerPoints:
PowerPoint Presentations
Finally, write a two-page paper that supports this presentation that explains how strategic management has successfully impacted other organizations. This paper should include three references that contain real-world examples (using APA citations where appropriate) that provide additional clarity and insights into the benefits of using strategic management.

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