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1. What are some causal factors that can influence development, personality, temperament and behaviors (please name at least five factors) (give support ) Please explain why these causal factors occur to these influences.

2. Please explain two ways to conduct research and experiments explain why it is important to have informed consent and to be ethical. Why is it important to have boundaries and confidentiality in our field when working with children and adults?

3. Explain the development theorist Piaget, please name/explain all of his stages. Explain assimilation, accommodation, and schema. Which stage is based on direct experience, language and symbols, here and now problem solving, and based on abstract thinking? Explain how Piaget impacts child and adult development. (give support)

4. Explain Sigmund Freud and psychoanalysis, define his five psychosexual stages and three subsystems of personality. Please explain what happens developmentally if one becomes fixated in any given stage.

5. Explain Kholbergs stages of development, explain his theory of development and how can you apply it to child development (give support)

Also explain Vygotskys theory and how it affects childrens development.

6. Explain all of Erik Ericksons psychosocial stages, ages for each, explain each of the stages and how you can apply his stages through the lifespan, (developmentally, physically, and emotionally) from infancy-older adult. Explain what is meant to have a favorable vs. unfavorable ratio and a fixation on a stage, explain the impact on development. (provide support)

7.Explain a behavioral technique discussed in the lecture ppt and how can you apply your technique on a child, adolescence, or adult. Explain the differences between operant and classical conditioning and name the theorists for both.

8. Please explain the stages of prenatal development and briefly describe each stage.

9.Explain the nature vs nurture controversy and 2.Explain the genie study and language development; explain the critical period in development.

10. Explain the Different Stages of Child Birth and the Different Methods of Delivery. Please Explain at least two complications of childbirth and why this might occur please state at least major contributing factors for this.

Define two neonatal reflexes and behaviors; name a motor development and age. 

Name a Genetic Disorder

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