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NUR3805 Dimensions of Professional Practice
Chapter 10  Quiz
Question 1
The discovery of oxygen would be called pure science because this information
  could direct further research at the bedside.
  was obtained for the sake of obtaining new knowledge of the world.
   had an immediate use for humans.
  would be useful in curing, managing, or preventing disease.
Question 2
To build the body of knowledge of nursing, a problem amenable to study should be
  based on published research findings and fit logically with what is already known.
   able to ensure participants that the intervention is a “good idea.”
  able to produce results that are applicable to a variety of situations.
  an original area of study never researched previously.
Question 3
Which of the following are the three most common sources of research questions?
  Clinical problems, replication of prior research, testing nursing theory
   Review of existing research, NIH grants, request by state board of nursing
  Study of clinical problems, anecdotal stories, requests by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  Requests by drug companies, doctoral students, review of the literature
Question 4
A nursing manager wants the unit staff to become more involved in research. The staff nurses say they are not qualified to conduct research. Which response by the manager is best?
  “At the staff nurse level, you can assist with clinical studies by doing data collection.”
  “A baccalaureate-prepared nurse should be able to design simple studies.”
  “If we all work on this together, we can design and implement good research studies.”
  “You need a basic understanding of the research process because you should be good consumers of research.”
Question 5
Which research design has the goal of determining a cause-and-effect relationship?
  Applied research
  Pure research
  Nonexperimental design
  Experimental design
Question 6
Which research design should be used to determine whether there is a difference in the effectiveness of two preoperative preparation methods on length of stay?
  Survey design
  Nonexperimental design
  Descriptive comparison design
  Experimental design
Question 7
What body has been established to protect participants of research?
  State board of nursing
  Peer review panel
  Nursing research board
  Institutional review board
Question 8
What is meant by the term “evidence-based practice”?
  Using nursing research findings to develop nursing theory
  Integrating the research process into nursing administration
  Applying research findings; patient care data, preferences, and values; and nursing expertise to nursing practice
   Studying research from the social sciences and applying it to practice
Question 9
Which of the following is not a necessary step in the research process?
  Dissemination of results
  Design of the study
  Review of the literature
  Review of best practice guidelines
Question 10
A data collection protocol calls for a questionnaire to be administered to patients having knee replacement surgery after the third physical therapy appointment. Errors can be introduced into the study by
  giving the questionnaire to the participants after the appointment to be completed while they have a snack.
  reading the questionnaire to the participants with poor reading skills.
  giving the questionnaire to all participants when they arrive for their appointment.
   giving the questionnaire to all participants.

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