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NUR3805 Dimensions of Professional Practice
Chapter 5 Discussion
This is a reflective posting so no citations are required
There’s an old saying: If you don’t know where you’re going, how do you know when you’ve gotten there? This applies to professional nursing.
This discussion focuses on the evolution of the professional nurse and the introduction of a theory that helps us identify where we are, so we know where we are going professionally not just as individuals, but as a profession ~ but the journey starts with us, as individuals …
ANSWER the following 2 prompts:
1. Examine Benner’s model from your reading. Then, determine at which stage you are in your development as a student and as a nurse. Give your rationale for that placement. If none of the models or stages fits your experience, create your own model (or stage). Don’t be shy, embarrased or humble ~ be honest.
2. Write your own mission statement:
a. After reviewing the definitions of nursing identified in your book and discussed in the learning plan, write your own professional mission statement.
b. Identify the vision, values, mission, and philosophy statement of your place of employment (or another healthcare organization) and expand on how your mission statement lines up. (Just one or two paragraphs) *Please include the website/URL or name of the company as a reference.
c. Evaluate the effects of the above organization’s mission, values, and philosophy on nursing leadership, quality of patient care, patient safety and patient outcomes based on your experience and your readings this week.

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