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NUR3805 Dimensions of Professional Practice
Chapter 8  Quiz
Question 1
Who is credited with developing the theory on systems?
  von Bertalanffy
Question 2
Dynamic balance between systems and their parts is called
Question 3
An 18-month-old child has been in three foster homes within the past 9 months. When the child is seen for a well-child visit, the nurse notices the child vigilantly watches everyone. This child may not have which of Maslow’s basic needs met?
  Basic physiologic needs
  Love and belonging needs
  Safety needs
Question 4 A school-aged child with spina bifida uses a wheelchair, attends school, and is actively involved in Scouting and science club. This child is meeting which of Maslow’s basic needs?
  Love and belonging needs
   Esteem needs
  Safety needs
Question 5
Which of the following is true of Maslow’s basic need of self-actualization?
  Elderly people outgrow the need for self-expression and self-development.
  People use their abilities to the fullest extent possible and are true to their nature.
   Once self-actualization is achieved, it is never lost.
  Most people achieve self-actualization after all other needs are met.
Question 6
The nurse is interviewing the mother of a school-aged child. The mother states that their family consists of herself, her son, a female friend, and two foster children. One grandparent lives in another city, and one lives within two blocks of them. As the nurse works with this family, what implication is important to include?
  The quality of family life will be influenced because they are not a traditional family.
  As a single parent, the mother has multiple roles to fill and will become stressed.
  This child will lack male attention because he lives in a single-parent family.
  As an extended family, all the children will receive attention from several adults.
Question 7
A nurse is caring for a new mother from Southeast Asia. The nurse is concerned that except for breastfeeding, the mother allows her mother-in-law to provide all other care for the baby. The plan of care and patient teaching for this mother should include
  asking the mother-in-law not to care for the baby so that the mother learns the care.
  completing the teaching outlined for new mothers.
  assessing the postpartum practices in her country of origin.
   assuming that the mother-in-law will care for the baby well since she is experienced.
Question 8
How can nurses contribute to a healthier environment?
  Supporting the purchase of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products
  Leaving the computer on to reduce electrical use when rebooting
  Teaching the benefits of using disposable diapers to new parents
  Recommending the purchase of nondisposable products when possible
Question 9
What is an advantage of the holistic view of health valued by nurses?
  Altering an individual’s health beliefs to promote health
  Emphasizing the environment
  Identifying a state of optimal role functioning
  Focusing on the interrelationship of all parts of a whole person
Question 10
An adult wears a helmet when riding a bicycle because he believes that his cycling skills might not prevent an accident, which could result in a head injury with serious consequences. Which component of the health beliefs model is this person demonstrating?
  Perception of vulnerability to head injury from a bicycle accident
   Concern about his cycling skills
  Belief that individuals should prevent injuries
  Knowledge that cycling is good exercise and improves health

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