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NUR 4775 ~ Applications in Evidence-Based Practice for BSNs
Ch. 10 & 11: Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods Research Designs Discussion
After completing the reading and viewing the PPT, choose ONE topic to expand upon and choose a correlating article to demonstrate/use as an example of the topic you have chosen.
Discussion Prompt:
Choose ONE of the following TOPICS that was addressed in your reading: (Please limit your original post to 300 words, and your response to no more than 250 words)  You may find you want to choose the article first ~ I have a list of 10 below that can be used to summarize and use as an example to help further your topic, but you can also choose your own research article ~ your choice!  Please attempt to, as a group, address all 7 topics.
Summarize criteria for exploratory, descriptive, and explanatory research studies (After you summarize each of these types of research studies, choose an article to further expand on/explore that demonstrates ONE of these research studies.  Reference your article in APA format.)
Distinguish between the types of internal and external validity and threats to each seen in experimental designs (Choose an article that you can summarize and focus on the internal/external validity section as an example of internal & external validity.  Reference your article in APA format.)
Distinguish among true, quasi-, and pre-experimental designs (After you summarize each of these types of research designs, choose an article to summarize & further expand on to demonstrate an example of one of these research designs.  Reference your article in APA format.)
Identify and give a brief summary of five types of non-experimental designs ( (After you summarize each of these types of non-experimental designs, choose a research article to summarize that further expands upon/explores ONE of these designs~ focus on the design. Reference your article in APA format.)
Summarize the important features of six common types of qualitative designs (Choose an article to further examine/explore and summarize for your peers as an example of one of these types of qualitative designs ~ focus on the design.  Reference your article in APA format.)
Discuss the main principles and purposes that guide researchers to use more than one method (Summarize an article that demonstrates/explores using more than one method, focusing on the main principles the researchers may have had for using more than one research method.  Reference your article in APA format.)
Describe the strategies a researcher might use in a mixed method study (Choose & summarize an article that demonstrates the use of mixed method research, focusing on the strategies used. Reference your article in APA format.)
Possible articles:  (Feel free to research others if you would like, but please avoid systematic reviews and meta-analyses as these are “summaries” of the literature)
1.Need for Specialized Support Services for Nurse Victims of Physical Assault by Psychiatric Patients.pdfPreview the document
2.  Moral Distress- A qual study of ED nurses.2016.pdfPreview the document
3.  Pain control and nonpharmacologic interventions .2018.pdfPreview the document
4.  Nursing Intuition as an Assessment Tool in Predicting Severity of Injury in Trauma Patients.2014.pdfPreview the document
6.  Complexity of nursing care in acute care hospital patients-2015.Pilot Study.pdfPreview the document
7.  The nursing role during end-of-life care in the intensive care unit related to the interaction between patient, family and professional- an integrative review.2019.pdfPreview the document
8.  The effectiveness of a structured nursing intervention program on maternal stress and ability among mothers of premature infants in a neonatal intensive care unit.Ong_et_al-2019-Journal_of_Clinical_Nursing.pdfPreview the document
9.  Jansson_et_al-2016-How do nurses and ward managers perceive that evidence-based sources are obtained to inform relevant nursing interventions? – an exploratory study. Journal_of_Clinical_Nursing.pdfPreview the document
10.  Patients’ Perceptions of a Pressure Ulcer Prevention Care Bundle in Hospital.2017.pdfPreview the document

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