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NUR 4775 ~ Applications in Evidence-Based Practice for BSNs
Ch. 5 Quantitative and Qualitative Research Discussion
There’s nothing quite like jumping in ~ and as you all have had a brief intro to research in NUR 3164, this should just be a bit of a refresher.  So, after reading the assigned reading and viewing the PowerPoint, choose a research article as identified below.
Discussion Prompt:
With our aging population, research topics in the nursing field concerning issues faced by elderly patients are coming to the forefront.
Choose ONE research article of interest from a peer-reviewed journal that is no more than 3 years old. THIS ARTICLE WILL BE USED FOR THIS WEEK AND FOR RESEARCH MODULE 1.
Using the “Library Resources” tab to the left of this screen, select database-searching program such as CINAHL Complete (EBSCO), type the words quantitative research OR qualitative research and a topic that interests you involving the elderly patient (quantitative may be a disease such as diabetes, a procedure such as positioning, or a patient teaching such as colostomy irrigation, with qualitative, you may have something like the hypotheses: “Senior patients who have family visit them on a regular basis are less prone to depression than those who do not have regular visitors.” or “Patients who need long-term care and can’t continue with their previous commitments feel stress because of lack of control in their lives.” (these can be used but you are welcome to choose your own research topic to review):
Using your selected article, conduct a systematic review of the article using the research steps identified below (as from your text):
1. At the top of this assignment, Identify your topic and reference your article in APA format so others can find it to respond to it.
2. Identify the problem statement or research question identified in your research article
3. Identify if the article is quantitative or qualitative (how did you determine this?)
4. Identify the target and accessible population
5.  Explain the limitations of the research study
6. Did your study use a pilot study before the research was conducted?  If so, what did that involve?
7.  Data:  How/in what ways was data collected?  How was data analyzed
8.  If your article has a table, share one table that demonstrates how the research is organized and presented.
9.  Review the interpretation section of the research article and summarize the identified implications and the recommendations to nursing practice
10. Give your impression/professional opinion on the implementation of these findings in your clinical setting.

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