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NUR 4775 ~ Applications in Evidence-Based Practice for BSNs
Chapter 8 Quiz
Question 1
What is a set of related statements that describes or explains phenomena in a systematic way
Question 2
The staff nurse notices that newly admitted patients appear calmer after the nurse has completed their admission interview and physical assessment and has discussed their plan of care. The nurse wonders if this is related to alleviation of fear of the unknown. What kind of thinking is this nurse pursuing?
Question 3
A nurse is reading a research study that is based on Martha Rogers’ Science of Unitary Being model. The nurse notices that Rogers is not listed in the article references. How should the nurse interpret this finding?
  The researcher erroneously identified Martha Rogers as the developer of that model.
  Since Martha Rogers is no longer living, it is not necessary to include her in the reference list.
  This is likely a simple error of omission in the reference.
  The researcher used secondary sources to learn about Rogers’ theory.
Question 4
What is TRUE regarding testing of theory in a nursing research study?
  This is not a purpose of nursing research.
  An entire theory is rarely tested in a single research study.
   Studies generally test several theories at one time.
  Theories are only tested in qualitative studies.
Question 5
A beginning nurse researcher is having difficulty applying nursing theory to practice and learns that this problem is called the theory-practice gap. The nurse determines to focus personal research on closing this gap. The nurse should focus on studies that use which types of theories? Select all that apply.
  Grand theories
   Theories from outside the discipline
   Middle-range theories
  Practice theories
   Theories from nursing theorists only
Question 6
A nurse is caring for a client who has just been transferred from the intensive care unit after having open heart surgery. The nurse wants to use a nursing model, focusing on the person as a total being, as opposed to a medical model, which focuses on the client’s disease process. Which nursing model theorist should the nurse reference?
Question 7
A nursing student is learning the difference between theoretical and conceptual frameworks. Which statement, if made by the student, indicates the need for further teaching?
  A theoretical framework is based on many existing theories.
   A theoretical framework presents a broad, general explanation of the relationships between the concepts of interest in a research study
  A conceptual framework is a less well-developed structure than a theoretical framework but may serve as the impetus for the formulation of a theory.
  A conceptual framework helps to explain the relationship between concepts.
Question 8
The nurse researcher is conducting research on the effect of homelessness on how often a woman performs self-breast examinations. Which theory would be of greatest interest to this nurse?
  Pender’s Health Promotion Theory
   Benner’s model on novice to expert
  Melzack’s Gate Control Theory of Pain
  Mishel’s Uncertainty in Illness Theory
Question 9
The nurse researcher is considering the relationship between the two variables in a study. What predicts this relationship?
  A concept
  A hypothesis
   A proposition
  A theory
Question 10
The nurse’s research focuses on how a person defends himself or herself from daily stressors. Which theorist’s work would likely be fundamental to this researcher’s work?

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