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NUR 4827 Leadership and management in Healthcare
Week 2 Discussion
DQ1 Are leaders born or made? If you think they are born, can anything be done to help someone who wants to lead but was not born a leader? If you think they are made, how are they made? What strategies can you use to improve your leadership skills?
DQ2 Nurses manage day to day challenges at the workplace.  Consider the following scenario about violence in the workplace:
A young, husky male is brought to the Emergency Department because of his escalating angry behavior. As he is being interviewed, a 6-inch knife is found in his possession. When he is asked to surrender the knife, he refuses and becomes quite agitated. How can this situation best be handled? Provide a rationale for your selected strategies.
Call the code-green team for a show of force.
Push the panic button to summon the security guards.
Try to talk the patient into giving up the weapon.
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