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Econ 101
Debate: For or Against Immigration (Circle one)
Immigration Activity
Imagine you will be preparing to present your stance on immigration in a class debate. Use this form as a
guideline when preparing to argue your side. Don’t forget, you need to have counter-arguments as well!
A) List three pros or three cons (whichever side you choose) of immigration. You may draw from
the article(s) or film posted, your own experiences, or your economic intuition. Give detailed
reasons to support your arguments which may be used to make your case.
Econ 101
B) Draw at least two generic macro graphs that will help support your case. Be able to draw and explain
a shift or movement in a supply/demand or production possibilities. See past student’s work for
examples, but be sure to use your own graphs and ideas!
C) Predict at least three of the opposing side’s potential arguments. List them here so that you can
prepare your rebuttals. Include possible counter-arguments you may use.

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