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Employee Recruitment Selection
This assignment will help you to gain a better understanding of how organizations plan out their staffing plans. It is important that organizations have a plan in place to address how they will create and maintain their workforce. This is a critical first step in recruiting and retaining the best talent. 
Choose 1 of the following sources of information:

Your current workplace  
A company that you are familiar with in your local market

You will be researching the key areas that an organization can employ in the recruitment and retention of talent. The following information is to be included in your presentation:

Does the organization seek to fill positions by placing priority on finding a person who is best-suited for the job (person/job), or does it place priority on seeking out individuals who are a good fit for the organization (person/organization)?  

If you were in a decision-making capacity, what recommendations would you make to the organization based on the chosen priority? 

Does the organization seek out talent on the basis of general competencies or on job-specific knowledge and technical skills?  

What is the benefit of the organization’s chosen method? What are the drawbacks? 

Does the organization seek candidates with exceptional or acceptable workforce quality?  
Does the organization seek to implement an active or passive diversity plan when searching for talent?  

Why is diversity an important consideration in the planning phase?

Detailed Speaker Notes with a minimum of 150–200 words  
8-10 Slides – I will created the slides just write in Microsoft word what should be included in the slides. If you would like to create it (that’s fine too).

Graphics to highlight the main points

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