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Ethics In Government Paper
Select a recent “ethical occurrence” in government (see note below) and prepare a paper identifying the facts of the case, why you feel the occurrence is ethically questionable, and how it might have been avoided. Can the culpable parties be taught ethics?
1-Identify and discuss at least two “ethical occurrence” in government.
2-Thoroughly discuss why you feel the occurrence is ethically questionable or admirable.
3-Thoroughly discuss if and how the ethical occurrence might have been avoided.
4-Can the culpable parties be taught ethics? If so, how? If not, why? Thoroughly discuss!
5-The assignment at least 850 words.
6-assignments should have MLA  formatting standards.
Note: An ethical occurrence in government need not be headline news. Every day ethical choices are made at every level of government. Local, State and Federal government officials all make ethical choices in the day to day operation of their respective duties. Ethical choices need not be unethical, many politicians and public servants make admirable choices that display honesty, integrity, and good moral values. Recognizing those that make good ethical choices is just as important as identifying bad ethics. Feel free to go either way on this assignment.

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