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Module 8 Discussion
DQ1 Reflection on the Lived Experience
For this activity, you will reflect over your Service Learning Experience as well as the course content. The shift that occurs when an individual experiences something for the first time, which can make life long impressions. Reflect on your experience:
Share a story from this experience that highlights the work of the agency, resource, and organization and the impact on those they serve.
Discuss what you learned about your community (i.e.: families, disability and culture, resources, and or interprofessional support) that you were unaware of.
Discuss what revelations this project brought to light for you regarding the needs of your community.
DQ2 The Future
During the past 14 weeks, you have acquired new knowledge about the nursing practice geared at population health. Historically, public health nurses have been the leaders in providing care in the community. In fact, some may say, nursing’s roots are in the community. “Despite the historical and current importance of public health nurses, the future of public health nursing is in jeopardy. This is due in part to a reduced emphasis on the training of public health nurses and faculty and the shrinking budgets for prevention in local and state health departments” (National Association of County and City Health Officials, 2013).
In this last discussion post in NUR448, reflect on your readings and your SLE and:
 Discuss components of your BS in nursing education that have provided you with the additional knowledge and resources necessary to assume the role of a bachelor’s prepared nurse.
Discuss how you will provide and advocate for safe quality care for patients and families in an environment that values the uniqueness, dignity, and diversity of patients.
Provide 2 exemplars of how you addressed the core competencies of public health professionals (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. [PDF, file size 427 KB].
Discuss the impact of population health on your nursing practice

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