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Explain the allegory of the cave, then explain the ideas in one of the articles below.  Do you think that in the post-truth era we are trapped, like the cave dwellers, by our own biases?
Assignment must be between 200-300 words. There must be in-text citation and references to all resources used.
· The Allegory of the Cave from Book VII of Plato’s Republic,
· [VIDEO] Plato’s Allegory of the Cave explained by Alex Gendler

· Fake news and a 400-year-old problem: We need to resolve the ‘post-truth’ crisis – Luciano Floridi. Floridi is an Oxford philosopher writing here for the Guardian about the “post-truth crisis” and the role philosophy should play in addressing it.  There’s a useful tie here between the cave analogy and the way each of us lives in a digital cave created by our own biases
· The Post-Truth World: Why Have We had Enough of Experts Forbes (read pg 1 and pg 2)
· “We’re in a post-truth world with eroding trust and accountability. It can’t end well”, by Australian philosopher, Nick Enfield.

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